Information on this page is provided for Turf Club visitors' convenience only, please direct all inquiries to the Town of Port Hedland.

The Turf Club has no authority over this site.

The Town of Port Hedland's Short-Term Recreational Vehicle Overflow Area is located adjacent to the Port Hedland Turf Club on McGregor Street, Port Hedland and is under the authority of the Town of Port Hedland.

The site is situated within walking distance of the Turf Club, local amenities, and a short drive from the Town Centre and multiple tourist attractions. The site provides support to both tourists and the town.

Conditions of Use:

  • All stays are to be no more than 72 hours in any 28-day period.
  • All RVs have their own onboard toilet and shower facilities.
  • All wastes are to be retained in the vehicle for disposal at established dump points.
  • Tents, camper trailers, minivans, backpacker vans or the like are not permitted
  • No fires permitted.
  • No amplified music is permitted.
  • All campers must follow reasonable directions from the Town of Port Hedland staff at all times. 
  • Pets must be kept on a leash and restrained at all times.
  • Animal waste must be collected and disposed of to refuse.
  • Portable generators are not permitted.

The Short-Term RV Overflow Area is monitored by a caretaker appointed by the Town during peak season. Rangers and Town Officers are authorised to issue immediate move-on directions or infringements for non-compliance.

If your vehicle does not comply, or you would like to stay longer, Caravan Parks are located at:

  • Discovery Parks, 2 Taylor Street, Port Hedland
  • Black Rock Caravan Park, 2115 North Circular Road, South Hedland
  • The Landing Caravan Park, Great Northern Highway, Port Hedland
  • Port Hedland Golf Club, Great Northern Highway, South Hedland

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