Port Hedland’s annual feature race has been the premier event in the northern WA racing calendar for well over a century. Its rich history dates back to 1902 when the first official race meet at Port Hedland was held, and the annual tradition continues to this day.

Becoming a Port Hedland Cup Winner is an honour and a challenge which very few horses achieve even once, let alone winning multiple times. Only two horses in history have ever achieved the Port Hedland Cup Trifecta of winning three consecutive Cups:  Red Warrior (in the 1960s) and Night Watchman (in the 2000s).

Will Galaxon (double winner of the 2014 and 2015 Cups) become the third horse to achieve the Trifecta? Only the results of the 2016 Port Hedland Cup will tell!


1902 Bluff
1903 Cobweb
1904 Timbrel H. McKinnon
1905 Mercury
1906 Volcano
1907 Daybreak
1908 Minister
1909 Mistake
1910 Trigger
1911 Long Tom
1912 Enibrac
1913 Port Erin Lawson
1914 Scarsdale
1915  No race meeting held in 1915
1916* Postal Note Ferres
1917 Grace A. Richardson
1918 Impressionist Keyser
1919 Moorambine Gilmour
1920 Impressionist Connor
1921 Tanquin Allan
1922 Riga Johnson
1923 Le Cygne W. (Billy) Kain
1924 Supernal Johnson
1925 Supernal C. Withnell
1926  No race meeting held in 1926
1927 Ungaroo M. Mannion
1928 Ungaroo Milton Stove
1929* Withnell Farrell
1930* Churrina F. Wickman
1931* Churrina F. Wickman
1932 Miss Harpist G. Leonard
1933 Inverness S. Burrows
1934 Monoram F. G. Audas
1935 Alacrity F. Wickman
1936* Bobbie Dazzler W. (Billy) Kain
1937 Polka L. Brodie
1938 Leap Frog F. Cousens
1939 Crooner G. Gamage
1940 Paper Coat F. Cousens
1941 Bonfire Wampi Ball
1942 Bonfire
1943 Long Jack G. Tink
1944 Landwin H. Robinson
1945 Gay Gallant W. Kain
1946 Kingswood R. Hall
1947* Kingswood J. Edwards
1948 Ozonic Girl J. Edwards
1949 Merry England W. (Billy) Kain
1950 Avergne Fred Wilson
1951 Avergne Fred J. Wilson
1952 Centenary P. Gannon
1953 Avergne D. McWirter
1954 Priority D. Stove
1955 Mike’s Glory C. Fellington
1956 Hooray R. Meredith
1957 Ventonia K. Leaver
1958 Silvon J. Jolly
1959 Gay Chief J. Jolly
1960 Lindon Plains Johnny Corry
1961 Party Girl Johnny Corry
1962 Red Warrior G. Follington
1963 Red Warrior Johnny Corry
1964 Red Warrior Johnny Corry
1965 Purple Congo Johnny Corry
1966 Kimbo Johnny Corry
1967 Lordie B. Matthewman
1968 Lordie B. Matthewman
1969 Royal Brass Geyer
1970 Pentas G. Webster
1971 Colily B. Bennett
1972 Bonka D. Gates
1973 Tribal Dance B. Fagen
1974 Bon King K. Unwin
1975 McWarvest K. Unwin
1976 Royal Mand M. Ramsey
1977 Make Mine Scotch A. Taylor
1978 Island Tiger S. Geyer
1979 Rock Dam F. Treen
1980 Ink Street P. Pettigrove
1981 Minasseh’s Son N. Parnham
1982 Kantian R. Roney
1983 Fast And Deadly Ross MacMillan
1984 Blue Drifter David Jones
1985 Bold Class G. Wootloon
1986 Seattle Beau Jason Oliver
1987 Seattle Beau P. Colombera
1988 Rossini S. Geyer
1989 Call Me Kiwi M. Grantham
1990 Ratification M. Grantham
1991 Still Don T. Lewis
1992 Apache Ambush Paul Gorman
1993 What A Boy R. Sale
1994 Premier Cooper D. Young
1995 Sir Bituate M. Roney
1996 Jungles Trenna Skinner
1997 True Russian Eddie McGuire
1998 True Russian Kim Gladwin
1999 Twist And Shout Craig Coombe
2000 Era’s End Glen Cortes
2001 Night Watchman Michael Wildey
2002 Night Watchman Peter Farrell
2003 Night Watchman Grant Lemos
2004 Cargo Craig Fox
2005 Kiwi Hombre Dion Luciani
2006 Zest Appeal Shaun McGruddy
2007 Rocky Kwila John Claite
2008 Desert Hurricane Kiryn Waldeck
2009 Teppanyaki Mark Forder
2010 Flirtson Shaun Meeres
2011 Pentire Point (NZ) Grant Lemos
2012 Indamani Jeffrey Berry
2013 Indamani Shaun Meeres
2014 Galaxon Robert Markou
2015 Galaxon Kyra Yuill


* From 1902 to 1935, the feature race was called the “Port Hedland Handicap”, and in 1936, it was renamed to the “Port Hedland Cup”.