Local jockey and trainer A. “Mac” McGuckin was front and centre again at the 1951 races, riding 6 winners himself and also coming home as the leading trainer to boot!

Avergne was ridden to victory in the Port Hedland Cup by Fred Wilson.

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Port Hedland Race Week. (1951, August 30). Northern Times(Carnarvon, WA : 1905 – 1952), p. 8. Retrieved May 9, 2015, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article76087215

Port Hedland Race Week

The Port Hedland Amateur Race Club held their annual meeting on Saturday and Monday, August 18 and 20 respectively. Although fields were not large in all the events some very fine finishes were fought out and keen racing resulted, keeping the crowd present simmering with excitement.

One of the most notable achievements of the meeting was that A. McGuckin rode no fewer than six winners and was also successful as the leading trainer.Messrs. Don McGregor and Alan Crawford were the leading stake winners.

Although thete were only six starters in the main event on Monday, which was the cup, the race was very exciting until they turned for home when Avergne, owned by Messrs. D. Andrews and E. A. Richardson, and ridden a perfect race by Fred Wilson, forged past the pack to take the lead and won running away. This horse has a beautiful action and reminds those who have seen the mighty Phar Lap race, with his similarity of free striding style.

Perth courses would not be beyond the limit of this fellow.

We might mention also that the meeting was very successful also from a financial point of view.

Mr. P. Morrell who was stipendiary steward did an excellent job and also acted as handicapper. The result of his work could be seen to more advantage on the second day of racing when many close fought out finishes resulted from his keen judgment in adjusting the handicaps for the various horses. Much praise also can be given to Keith Arthurs for the excellent job he carried out as secretary to the Club.

Following are the results for the two day meeting:


Saturday, August 18, 1951.

  • PILBARA STAKES. 4 Furlongs:
  • STAR ROCK (W. Kain) .. 1 BLACK FURY (McGuckin) 2 COOKI (Meredeth) .. .. .. 3
  • RAPID FIRE (McGuckin) 1 FAIRY TALE (S. Lea) .. 2
  • MURKY NIGHT (C. Clarke) 3
  • RICHARDSON HCP. 7 Furlongs
  • COPY CAT (F. Wilson) . 1 MALLIOR (W. Kain) 2 Only two starters.
  • MOLLOY STAKES 4½ Furlongs.
  • COOKI (Meredeth) .. . 1 FERNETTA (F. Wilson) .. 2 DISCORD (W Kain) 3PRESIDENT’S HCP. 1 Mile
  • 5MALLIOR (W. Kain) . .. .. 1
  • BENDHU (F. Wilson) …. 2 MUSKET (S. Lea) .. 3
  • WODGINA HCP. 4½ Furlongs.
  • THE BANNER (McGuckin) I NIGHTCAP (Forster) .. .. 2 REDWOOD (Meredeth) . . 3 CARLINDE HCP. 5 Furlongs.
  • MURKY NIGHT (McGuckin) 1 GLAD SUE (W. Kain) . . 2:
  • MAURITIOUS (F. Wilson) 3


Monday, August 20, 1951.

  • TOTE HANDICAP 4 Furlongs.
  • THE BANNER (McGuckin) 1 MATADOR (V. Clarke) . . . 2 WINBAR ALI (W. Kain) .. 3 PORT HEDLAND CUP. 1 Mile
  • AVERGNE (F: Wilson) .. 1 MURKEY NIGHT (S. Lea) 2 RAPID FIRE (McGuckin) 3. DE GREY HCP. 6 Furlongs.
  • MAURITIOUS (McGuckin) 1 FAIRY TALE (S. Lea) . . . . 2
  • BENDHU (F. Wilson) …. 3   PUBLICANS’ PURSE 5 Furlongs.
  • MATADOR (V. Clarke) .. .. 1 STAR ROCK (W. Kain) . . 2 FERNETTA (F. Wilson) . . 3 (Cooki won but was disquali- fied for carrying light weight).
  • DISTRICT HCP. 7 Furlongs.
  • RAPID FIRE (McGuckin) 1 LITHGOW (S. Lea) …. . . 2
  • MALLIOR (F. Wilson) …. 3 LOOSERS’ HCP. 5 Furlongs.
  • FAIRY TALE (S. Lea) …. 1 GLAD SUE (W. Kain) . . . . 2 PINK SILK (J. Leyland) .. 3 GRATWICK HCP. 6 Furlongs.
  • LITHGOW (S. Lea) . . 1. COOKI, (Meredeth) 2 COPY CAT (F. Wilson) . . 3


The annual Race Club Ball was organised this year by the Port Hedland Sports Council and was held in the local hall on Monday evening, August 20.

Everybody appeared to have enjoyed themselves immensely as the evening was fully occupied with dancing and the presentation of trophies won by the various owners, trainers and jockeys. Several novelties were held including the lucky spot dances, streamers and whistles making the evening very enjoyable. A sumptuous supper was provided by the lady members of the Sports Council and much appreciation can be given to them for their splendid effort in organising such a delightful and tempting spread.

Following is a list of frocks and description of same worn by the ladies present:

Mrs. P. Melia, ice blue with all-over lace; Mrs. S. Hutton, magnolia satin; Mrs. J. Glass, blue lace ballerina; Mrs. J. Williams, figured pink organdie with pink mittens; Mrs. J. W. Jeffreys, black taffeta skirt lace and silk blouse; Mrs. J. Grice, black off-the-shoulder crepe; Mrs. W. Kain, red satinback crepe, silver beaded; Mrs. Owen Coppin, pale blue slipper satin; Mrs. Baker, pale blue crepe with draped skirt: Mrs. A. Moore, floral jersey silk and spray; Mrs. Ferguson, floral taffeta; Mrs. C. Groves, floral ninon; Mrs. Judy Richardson, white satin with lace yoke; Mrs. W. Nunn, wine shot taffeta, silver trim; Mrs. Mary Hall, green and black striped ballerina with white fox bolera; Mrs. F. Leeds, beaded blue crepe; Mrs. J. Mackay, black water wave skirt and white lace blouse; Mrs. V. B. Williams, gorgeous floral silk   with pearl necklette; Mrs. R. Darlington, mauve lace; Mrs. Sainsbury, gold embossed black marquisette; Mrs. Don McGregor, red worked gown of clover faille; Mrs. G. Ward, grey off-shoulder moire taffeta; Mrs. M. Penn, dusty pink lace with pearls tomatch; Mrs. J. Grimbly, white French jersey patterned in Spanish figurines; Mrs. R. J. Ellery, petal patterned golden silk voile; Mrs. Athol Mosely, slim frock of dove grey moss crepe floating panel; Matron St. Pierre, brod- erie anglaise beautiful; Miss A. Johnston, jersey de chene in dusty pink set off with sequins; Miss Jan Geddes, green broderie anglaise; Miss Dorne Francis, moire taffeta.