Some great pictures from the 1948 Races! Check out the gorgeous 40s fashions on the ladies, and the Stocker boys in their fedoras chatting up the stylish girls from Perth.

AT THE PORT HEDLAND RACES. (1948, September 2).Western Mail (Perth, WA : 1885 – 1954), p. 38. Retrieved from


Recently a “Western Mail” cameraman roving in the North attended the Port Hedland races. The meeting was held over two days and the main event was the Port Hedland Cup. Here are pictures of people who were present.

Matron B. Campbell, Mrs. and Dr. E. Saint, Mr. W. Oliffe, of Wittenoom Gorge, and Mrs. D. Quin, of Bamboo Springs Station.

Mrs. H. G. Atwell, Mrs. I Bates and Mrs. B. Hull select the winner of the next race.

Miss A. Hawker, of Perth, Mr. G. Stocker, of Port Hedland, Miss P. Overington, of Perth, and Mr. D. Stocker, of Port Hedland.

Miss M. Barrett, of South Australia, Mr. J. Richardson of Pippingarra Station,Miss L. Stove, of Cooyapooya Station, Mr. T. Smith, of Munda Station, and Miss J. Meares, of Pyramid Station.

Messrs F. Leeds, T. Stove and M. Stove.