Race Ball at Port Hedland. (1935, September 7). The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 – 1954), p. 16. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article32909831

Race Ball at Port Hedland

THE Annual Race Meeting of the Port Hedland Racing Club last week-end was the signal for numerous social activities. On August 23, a very successful dance was held in the Mechanics’ Institute. On August 24, a fancy dress ball was held.

The Race Club ball saw the hall crowded and the artistic decorations, together with the gay frocks, were most effective.

Mrs. C. Nicholson chose a frock of black lace and georgette; Mrs. Taplin, floralwind-swept satin; Mrs. Stace Gorman, red and silver marocain; Mrs. S. Mears, black lace; Mrs. C. L. Kerr, black georgette and silver lace; Sister Pearson, black lace; Mrs. G. P. Stocker, floral net; Miss S. Knight, eau-de-nil hall-spot muslin; Mrs. F. Trembath, black georgette and lace; Mrs. F. Knight, navy blue marocain; Mrs. McGlue, pillar-box red satin; Mrs. E. D. Parker, shell-pink lace; Mrs. Hull, dusty pink crepe satin; Miss Sheen, white satin and silver; Mrs. S. Matthews, rose pink lace; Miss Kay, flame oatmeal satin with silver flower; Mrs. I. Trealore, shell-pink georgette; Miss E. de Marchi, kingfisher blue satin and silver lame; Mrs. A. Welsh, white satin and silver lame; Mrs. E. Jef- fries, apricot marocain; . Mrs. D. Mc- Gregor, black silk lace; Mrs. D. Stone, black lace and georgette; Mrs. G. Smith, jade green georgette; Mrs. Stove, grey marocain and lace; Mrs. W. Crameri, black satin; and Mrs. C. Martin, floral georgette.