The Port Hedland Race Week Entertainment Committee were kept EXTREMELY busy with Race Week back in the 30s! And what’s this about dancing until 4am?! Read the full article below.

LADY HOBBS ENTERTAINS. (1934, September 6). Western Mail (Perth, WA : 1885 – 1954), p. 31. Retrieved from


AS is usual over the race week, numerous entertainments have been available each evening for the visitors. The Port Hedland Race Week Entertainment Committee was responsible for a dance, a “freak and fancy” dance, and the annual race ball, held on the Friday. Saturday and Monday nights respectively. All three functions proved successful, both socially and financially.

The hall was decorated simply but effectively with art muslin of various col-  ours, and on the night of the ball balloons were added and a corner was decorated for the use of the orchestra. On the Friday night there were over 100 present and music was supplied by Mrs. Stocker (piano) and Mr. E. Ciegan (violin), assisted by Archdeacon Simpson, Mrs. L. Lee and Messrs. R. Maher, L. O’Connor, R. Ellery and W. Hide.

On Saturday night many amusing and original costumes were worn. The function was an outstanding success. On Monday night (August 20), the social event of the year, the annual race ball, was held, com- mencing at 9 o’clock, and continuing until nearly 4 a.m. During the evening the cup was presented to the winner (Mr. T. Molloy), the lady’s purse to Miss W. Kay, and bridles to Messrs. Montgomerie and McGregor. The presentations were made by the president of the race club (Mr. J.  Jefferies).

The catering for all functions was carried out by Miss Shiela Meiklejohn, to whom much credit is due.

Among those present at the race ball were:

Miss Eileen Malier, wearing rose pink maro main; Miss Marion Pedler, silver green satin; Mrs. N. Weedon, red silk marocain; Miss Amy Pedler, floral taffeta; Miss N. Paspalis, black satin trimmed with silver lame; Mrs. P. Mc- Kenzie, cream lace trimmed with black; Miss J. Kennedy, blue satin and georgette; Miss S. Knight, white silk voile; Mrs. A. McRae, black lace georgette; Mrs. Moseley, floral georgette in cream tones; Mrs. H. Green, white marocain; Mrs. L. Cowan, black chenille georgette; Miss M. Kennedy, blue and pink floral velvet: MissAlma Kellow, blue floral georgette; Mrs. F. Porter, black lace; Miss W. Kay, sky blue georgette; Miss D. Taylor, green angel skin trim med with apricot satin; Mrs. A. E. Clark, floral georgette; Mrs. E. Ford, red silk; Sister Pearson, black georgette and lace godets; Mrs. J.McKinnon, apricot georgette; Mrs. V. Crameri, black satin with pink rose; Mrs, W. Gray, floral marocain trimmed with beige georgette; Mrs. J. Lawson, pink floral voile; Mrs. G. Maher, blue marocain; Mrs. A. H: Wilson, navy lace; Mrs. T. A. Hardie, floral chiffon; Mrs. E. Richardson, floral georgette, in autumn tones; Mrs. D. Sutherland, black lace and georgette; Mrs. A. McGregor, black lace; Mrs. C. E. S. Holt house, black georgette and lace; Mrs. Peacock, black satin; Miss Molly Maher, red marocain; Mrs. II. Draper, green satin; Sister Reid, black georgette and lace; Mrs. R. Lxicas, green crepe de chine; Miss L Crameri, white georgette and red velvet cape; Miss E. Hehir, floral pink taffeta ; Miss V. Crameri, white organdie trimmed with red rose; Miss I. Cain, crinkled marocain trimmed with rhinestones; Miss A. Wil- cox, buttercup marocain touched with black; Mrs. E. J. Jefferies, autumn tinted floral silk voile; Mrs. E. Gregan, crinkled crepe: Miss A. Wilson, coral georgette trimmed with gold lame; Mrs. S. Matthews, turquoise blue geor- gette and floral spray; Sister Tainsh, scarletwindswept velvet; Miss J. Greene, scarlet crepe de chine; Mrs. W. Wallis, blue satin with silver lame; Miss M. Holthouse, red crinkled crepe; Miss E. De Marchi, blue satin with silver lame; Miss J. Davies, blue lace; Mrs. A. Wyndham,white angel skin lace patterned in pale pink flowers; Miss Nancy Sutherland, blue elephant cloth touched with silver; Mrs. A. Moore, blue windswept patin: Miss E. Gray, cream silk velvet and silver lame; Miss U. Hardie (Claremont), floral georgette; Mrs. Stocker, white lace; Mrs. Lee, blue silk velvet with sequin cape.

Captain Banks, Doctor V. Cowley, Messrs. C. De Marci, J. Coppin, D. McGregor, A. Crawford, A. Draper, H. Draper. C. Leeds 0. Kerr, T. Trayne, A. Wyndham, E. Pedler, A. Jones, F. Rogers, Adrian Moseley, O. Briden, D. Sutherland, A. McRae, M. Porter, C. Hawkes. T. Webb, F. Thompson, F. Har-die, F. Green, H. Green, M. Pedler, J. Pedler, J. Crameri, C. Kempton, J. Meade, F. Butterick, G. Meiklejohn, H. Lawson, L. O’Connor, E. Wilson. E. Gregan, Val Crameri, R. Maher. J. Maher, R, Ellery and G. Stocker.