Another fun fact: did you know that the our racecourse was also the home of the Port Hedland Golf Club, from the 1930s through to the 1970s? A nine hole golf course, known as the Port Hedland Golf Links, was established next to the aerodrome at the racecourse in 1932 and was the main golf course in town until the 1970s.
The golf course was officially opened on October 30th, 1932, with 15 members and 10 associates of the new Port Hedland Golf Club. Dr. A. P. Davis was the first Golf Club President, and at the opening ceremony, Dr Davis’ wife drove the first ball from the Number 1 Green (one for the ladies!) The very first game was a mixed tournament with Dr Davis and Mrs Stocker (who won), followed by Mr S. Acton and Mrs D. Sutherland, E. Wilson and Miss Y. Risdon, B. Maher and Miss D. Crameri, M. Pedler and Mrs. H. Robinson.
The racecourse remained the home base of the Port Hedland Golf Club until the late 1970s, when the Golf Club moved to its present location west of Hedland.

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