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Port Hedland Racing Club



  • President: The Hon. Walter Kmgsmith
  • Vice-President: A. Wilding, Esq.
  • Committee and Stewards: Messrs. Thos. Traine, T. Richardson, T. Hardie, J. Heath, D. Broard, T. J. Newland, J Finlay.
  • Judge: J. McKinlay, Esq.
  • 8tarter: P.. Liddiard; Esq.
  • Handicapper: J. Bayner, Esq.
  • Treasurer: J. J. Howe, Esq.
  • Clerk of Scales: A. H. Wilson, Esq.
  • Clerk of Course: J. W. Scott, Esq.



TRIAL STAKES, of 12 sovs. — To start at 12 noon; second horse to receive two sovs. cut of Stake ; for all horses that have not won an advertised prize exceeding £6 ; w.f.a.; distance, six furlongs; entrance,  12s.

CARRIERS’ RACE, of 5 sovs. — To start at 12.45 p.m.; horses must be the bona-fide property of teamsters for three months prior to the date of meeting; 14lb. over weight for age; distance, 5 1/2 furlongs.


POST HEDLAND HANDICAP, of 35 sovs —To start at 2.30 p.m.; second horse to receive 5 sovs. out of stake ; distance, one mile and a quarter; nomination £1, acceptance 15s.

HACK RACE, of 5 sovs.-—To start at 3.15 p.m.; a sweepstake of 5s, from starters to go to second horse ; distance four furlongs; hacks to be approved of by the stewards.

LADIES’ PURSE, of 12 sovs.—Second horse to reeeive 2 sovs. out of stake; two stone over weight for age ; nominations to be made by ladies; distance six furlongs; amateur riders;. nomination 12s.


BREEDERS’ STAKES, of 15 sovs — A sweepstake of 10s. each from starters to go to second horse; for all two and three year olds bred in the North West district; weight for age; distance five furlongs.

HURRY SCURRY, of 15 sovs.-All hacks to be approved of by the stewards; winner of the Hack Race not eligible to start; distance four and a half furlongs. Post entry 5s.


FLYING HANDICAP, of 20 sovs.— Second horse receives 2 sovs. out of stake ; distance five and a half furlongs; nomination 12s., acceptance 8s.

FAREWELL HANDICAP,.of 15-sovs. — A sweepstake of 10s. from starters to go to second horse; distance one mile; nomination 10s, acceptance 5s.

FORCED HANDICAP, of 10 sovs. — Compulsory to winners, optional to losers; distance six furlongs; nomination 6s., acceptance 4s.

All nominations must be in the hands of the Secretary by 8 p.m. on the 15th MARCH, and acceptances are due on the night of general entry, SATURDAY, 19th I APRIL, at 9 p.m.


(pro R. A. Blellock)

Sec. Port Hedlaud Race Club.