The prize money for this meet totalled £137.

A story on this event appeared in the next Pilbarra Goldfield News on Thursday 1 May 1902:

SPORTING. THE TURF. (1902, May 1). The Pilbarra Goldfield News (Marble Bar, WA : 1897 – 1923), p. 3. Retrieved from


The annual meeting of the Port Hedland Race Club, held on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, was a great success. The visitors included Mr. J. E. Richardson, M.L.C., a large number from the stations, and several fromMarble Bar. The racing throughout was interesting, but Mr. A. Wilding’s horses appeared to be much superior to the other horses at the meeting, and he carried off the bulk of the prize-money. The officials worked well, and every thing passed off without a hitch. The club should have a substantial credit balance after settling up its accounts.Following is the result of the two days’ racing :—

First Day.

Trial Stakes, of 12 sovs. Six furlongs.
Mr. A. Wilding’s Cobweb … 1
Messrs. Ball Bros, and Corbett’s Aster … … … 2
Mr. J. Scott’s Jimborarie … 3
Mr. J. Yates’ Long Tom … 4
Cobweb and Jimborarie both ran in- side posts. The race ended in Aster  securing first place, and Long Tom second. Time, 1.24.

Carriers’ Race, of 5 so vs. Five and a quarter furlongs.
Cheeside … … 1
Tripod … … 2
Time, 1.21.

Port Hedland Handicap, of 35 sovs. One mile and a quarter.
Mr. A. Wilding’s Bluff, 8.3 … 1
Messrs. Ball Bros, and Corbett’s 1
Aster, 8.8 … … 2
Mr. AS. Macpherson’s Araminta, 8.11 3
Bluff won, hard held, by about six lengths. Time, 2.24.

Hack Race, of 5 sorg. Four furlongs.
Shadow … … 1
Kiaora … … 2
This was a splendid race. Won by a head. Time. 57 3-5sec.

Ladies’ Purse, of 12 sovs. Six furlongs.
Mr, A. Wilding’s Cobweb … 1
Mr. AB. Macpherson’s Araminta .. 2
Mr, Robinson’s Ally Sloper 3
Cobweb won with ridiculous ease by about six lengths. Time, 1.23 1-5.

Asiatic Race.
Chiua … … 1.